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    Product Description

    The HLG WATERJET high pressure extinguishing device has the same technical function as the HLG POWERJET. The only difference is that it does not have its own water and foaming agent tank. This has made it possible to create an extremely compact construction.

    It only requires minimum storage space and is also easier to transport. The WATERJET has a C coupling for feeding In extinguishing water from an extinguishing vehicle tank or a different external water supply, to which fire brigade hoses can be connected.

    The foaming agent can be removed from a foaming agent canister via a connection using the supplied suction hose. The construction of the mounting structure is equivalent to that of an 8 kVA DIN electric generator and can therefore be transported in the frames of fire brigade vehicles.

    Weight 70 kg


    output (l/min)

    pressure (bar)

    pressure control

    cubic capacity (ccm)


    fuel consumption (l/h)

    hose length (mm)

    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    height (mm)

    weight (kg)