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    Product Description

    The HLG POWERJET 200 high pressure extinguishing device is an autarkic, high pressure pump unit with a petrol motor and a water/foaming agent tank. The device’s particularly outstanding feature is that it allows the addition of a foaming agent.

    Owing to the very low consumption, the extinguishing capability lasts 10 minutes with the 200 l water tank and the 10 l foaming agent tank. This is achieved by finely atomizing the water/foaming agent mixture in the rotation nozzle under high pressure or foaming it in the frothing tube.

    The POWERJET 200 consists mainly of the following components: load-bearing structure, petrol motor, high pressure pump, water tank 200 L with integrated foaming agent tank and variable extinguishing pistol. The petrol motor is started with a reversible starter (optional: electric starter with battery and C16 charging socket outlet). It drives a 3-piston high pressure pump that produces a maximum pump output pressure of 220 bar.

    The pump is selfsucking and discharges up to 20 l water per minute at 180 bar. The speed of the drive motor is controlled fully automatically via the pressure created with the handle on the extinguishing pistol.

    Weight 343 kg


    tank capacity (l)

    foaming agent tank (kg)

    output (l/min)

    pressure (bar)

    cubic capacity (ccm)


    fuel consumption (l/h)

    hose length (mm)

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