PSM Compact S +

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    Product Description

    Product description
    Efficiency and ergonomic handling.

    The S+ version is the versatile PSM Compact S model, which has been expanded to be able to empty and fill even more extinguishers in a short space of time.

    A special feature is the simple and fast operation of the unit.
    Suitable for all extinguishers of size 2-12 kg:

    Time-controlled automatic powder injection system
    Electrical height adjustment of the container
    Integrated swivel handle with extinguisher emptying system

    With this device, powder extinguishers from 1 to 12 kg can be filled and emptied. The powder transfer device filters the powder being transferred, retains all impurities and fluffs up the powder.

    The PSM Compact powder sifter has an electromagnetic air diversion valve to force the powder into the extinguisher and to clean the machine’s filters.

    The machine is equipped with a new hopper valve with interchangeable cones. This has significantly increased the efficiency when filling fire extinguishers with large tank openings.

    All powder suction machines are simple and convenient to operate. The sealing of the entire system and special filters make the powder transfer completely dust-free. A built-in sight glass allows the filling process of the extinguisher to be observed.

    The high suction force enables full extinguishers to be discharged directly into the transfer device. A shut-off valve enables the extinguisher to be discharged and filled at the same time, which significantly increases productivity.

    The machines are equipped with wheels for easy transport. Large-capacity fire extinguisher units can be emptied and filled with the appropriate tooling.

    Weight 130.00 kg

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