PSM Compact W

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    Product Description

    The PSM COMPACT W is a stationary filling system for inspection services in a workshop and for large quantities.

    It is fitted with electronic scale that cut out automatically after reaching the filling quantity of fire extinguishing powder.

    The weight can be set without any problems: each desired filling weight can be programmed on the operating panel. The filling process is monitored on a digital display.

    The COMPACT W powder suction machine (scales) is a machine with scales that have an automatic cut-out for fast working processes when servicing hand fire extinguishers from 2 to 12 kg.

    With the electropneumatic height adjustment and the pneumatic operation of the container valve, the machine is particularly convenient to use. Scales are integrated into the powder suction machine.

    The COMPACT W switches automatically to reverse after reaching a predefined filling weight. In the meantime other tasks, such as opening or closing the hand fire extinguisher, can be attended to.

    After the reversing process the machine switches off independently.

    Weight 180.00 kg

    depth (mm)


    weight (kg)

    tank capacity (kg)

    suction capacity (l/min)


    width (mm)

    height (mm)