PSM Compact A

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    Product Description

    The PSM COMPACT A is a fire extinguishing powder filling system for batch tasks in production.

    In this application segment it represents an extremely cost-effective and economical solution.

    During the automatic filling process other tasks, such as, for example, preparations for the next filling process or closing of the filled fire extinguisher, can be attended to.

    All processes are controlled by a stored programmed system (SPS). Weight and filling process can be followed on an LCD display. The scales have 3 programmable memory locations for the filling weight, which can be called up via the memory selection switch.

    The COMPACT A (Automatic) powder suction machine is the top model for the batch filling of fire extinguishers from 2 to 12 kg.

    The empty fire extinguisher is pressed onto the filling opening electropneumatically and then the tare switch is pressed on the operating panel. The automatic filling process can then be started: after achieving the set filling weight a pneumatic valve interrupts the flow of fire extinguishing powder and the reversing process is initiated. After completion of the reversing process all valves are closed.

    The automatic filling process is concluded and the fire extinguishing container can be electropneumatically lowered and removed by pressing a button on the operating panel.

    Weight 213.00 kg


    tank capacity (kg)

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