PFS Powder Filling System

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    Product Description

    The Powder Filling System PFS is a stationary fire extinguishing powder filling machine for the manufacturers of powder fire extinguishers or refillers whose main task consists of batch (re)filling of empty dry powder fire extinguisher cylinders.

    The fire extinguishing powder is sucked from a silo or from a Big Bag (by means of anemptying station, available as accessory), whirled and cleaned, separated from the air and

    then filled fully automatically into the fire extinguisher until the pre-set filling weight of the integrated scales is reached. Finally the filter element loaded with powder is cleaned instantaneously by a pulse of compressed air.

    The filling process runs automatically after the start button is pressed and is monitored by a programmable control. The valve control and activation of the lifting cylinder occurs electropneumatically. The vacuum pump is set up on the frame at the rear of the machine.

    The machine is operated by a control desk which also houses the scales display. The fire extinguishing powder is transferred via a filling head directly in the fire extinguisher.

    The high-grade steel filling head only serves to accommodate the filter element as well as a buffer to cache any temporarily increased fire extinguishing powder volume.

    Adaptation to the different fire extinguisher types occurs via specially manufactured exchangeable flange attachments and by changing the filling programming weight.

    The powder suction machine consists of the following assemblies:

        • Aluminium profile frame with

    –       integrated scales with measuring transducers

    –       attached control desk, programmable control, solenoid valves

        • Electric motor with flange mounted vacuum pump
        • Protective switch, power cable, and plug
        • High-grade steel filling head with filter cover, filter element and filter dedusting
        • One to two filling adapters (flange attachments)
        • Pneumatic height adjustment mechanism and pneumatically operated valves
        • Maintenance unit for compressed air
        • Pipe and hose lines for fire extinguishing powder and compressed air
    Weight 162.00 kg

    height (mm)

    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    weight (kg)

    power consumption
    pressure output (bar)

    Max. vacuum (limited)

    operating noise (pump)

    filling hole (adaptable)

    effective coverage (m3/min)