PSM Compact S

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    Product Description

    The PSM COMPACT S is a stationary filling machine for the fire extinguisher workshop.

    Owing to the powerful drive unit, it is designed for inspection services in large numbers.

    The timer-controlled automation of the reversing process is particularly advantageous for transferring the fire extinguishing powder faster and cleaning the filters.

    With a hand lever the height of the storage tank can be infinitely adjusted using a toothed rack. In addition, the cap that seals the conical rubber filling nozzle ensures that all fire extinguishers on the market from 2 to 12 kg can be serviced or filled without converting the machine.

    The COMPACT S (stationary) powder suction machine is a further development of the PSM COMPACT that has been produced for many years and is very well known to fire brigades and service stations for its high performance.

    The machine is suitable for servicing and refilling fire extinguishers from 2 to 12 kg (with appropriate accessories also for portable fire extinguishers from 50 to 250 kg) with all fire extinguishing brands.

    With this machine the drive unit and the reversing equipment are accommodated in a painted steel sheet housing that at the same time serves as a working platform at an ergonomically favourable height.

    The machine has an environment-friendly soundproofed motor and stands securely and vibration-free on 4 rubberbuffered feet

    Weight 130.00 kg

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