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    Safe clamping, fast emptying

    The fi re extinguisher emptying system FES consists of a mobile or stationary rotatable clamping device DSV, a clamping bracket PA-Fix, and a suction adapter with reducing insert. Upon request, the clamping bracket and adapter can be retrofi tted to an  already existing rotatable clamping device DSV.

    • Great time savings whilst servicing fire extinguishers
    • Signifi cantly improved ergonomic working
    • Suitable for all powder suction machines

    The fi re extinguisher emptying system FES is a signifi cant contribution to streamlined maintenance of fi re extinguishers.
    It not only permits the more convenient but also signifi cantly faster evacuation of portable cartridge driven or stored pressure fi re extinguishers (6 – 12 kg) with all powder suction machines.

    The special suction adapter guarantees a high suction speed. The working period per maintenance procedure is signifi cantly reduced. Time savings of approx. 50 % are achieved.

    Weight 326 kg


    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    transport height (mm)

    max. height (mm)

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