PSM Junior 230V

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    Product Description

    The PSM JUNIOR is a universal machine that has proved itself for more than 10 years.

    It is extremely small in its dimensions, but nevertheless equipped with a high-powered industrial motor.

    The JUNIOR powder suction machine can be easily transported or installed in a service vehicle. It is therefore optimally suited to mobile use.

    The underslung drive unit covered with a steel sheet housing produces an ergonomically favourable working height.

    The machine is suitable for servicing and refilling fire extinguishers from 2 to 12 kg (with appropriate accessories also for portable 50 kg fire extinguishers) with all types of fire extinguishing powders. To clean filters and fill fire extinguishers faster the reversing process is effected electrically.

    It automatically controls the non-return valve in the suction line. The infinitely variable height adjustment and the cap with the conical rubber filling nozzle ensure that all the fire extinguisher models on the market can be handled without converting the machine.

    The machine has a storage tank with a capacity of 12 kg fire extinguishing powder, so that when servicing individual fire extinguishers up to 12 kg no additional tank is required. With a 50 or 250 kg additional storage tank, portable fire extinguishers can also be serviced with the PSM JUNIOR.

    The picture shows a 50 kg fire extinguisher being emptied.

    Weight 53.00 kg


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