PSM Junior N 230V

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    Product Description

    Just like its big sister, the PSM JUNIOR, our JUNIOR N model is a multi-talent for individual service as well continuous flow process.

    The term ‘mobile’ is implemented here even more clearly.

    The ‘N’ standing for low construction is programmatic and speaks for itself.

    1000 mm transport height

    55 kg total weight

    For fi re extinguishers from 2-12 kg

    Includes 2 fi lling adapters for fi lling holes from 28-77 mm

    Maximum fl exibility for faster service

    To keep our PSM JUNIOR N as small as possible whilst observing our high quality requirements, our engineers summarily installed the brushless motor at the rear of the system.

    This gave us an enormously low height with advantageous centre of gravity during transportation at the same time. Which lets you install the JUNIOR N in your service vehicle. Another convincing point is the size of the 200 mm roller bearing mounted wheels as well as the level adjustment.

    That makes the JUNIOR N even more mobile.

    Weight 53.00 kg

    suction capacity (l/min)

    tank capacity (kg)


    width (mm)

    weight (kg)