Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Mobil Basic 2,4 kg/min

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    Product Description

    Handy and expandable

    The carbon dioxide fi lling unit CFA Basic can fi ll all CO2 cylinders from 2 – 30 kg.
    Various additional equipment guarantees the possibility of many additional fi lling applications.

      • Low investment costs
      • Many expansion possibilities
      • For stationary and mobile use

    For the CO2 supply, the system can be connected to a CO2 cylinder with riser pipe, to a CO2 cylinder rack or to a CO2 medium pressure tank (approx. 50 bar). The connection hose, the fi lling hose and the fi lling armature are included.

    The system input contains a high-grade steel fi lter which protects the pump from contaminations from the CO2 supply cylinder or from the CO2 supply tank. Interior CO2 cartridges, exterior CO2 cylinders and CO2 fire extinguishers up to 6 kg can be filled with the Basic

    Digital supplementary unit available as accessory and the Basic F2 and Basic F3 fi lling heads.

    The digital fl oor scales, available as accessory, enables the controlled fi lling of CO2 cylinders from 2 kg to 20 kg, switching the CFA Basic fi lling unit off automatically when the pre-programmed fi lling weight is reached. These scales are also available in an offi cially calibrated version.

    Weight 42.00 kg


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