Supplementary unit Digital II for CFA

Product Description

The Digital II module increases the functionality of the majority of carbon dioxide filling units available on the market.

Enables smooth filling of cartridges and small CO2 cylinders – also of the SodaStream, Grohe types, etc.

If you already have a carbon dioxide pump (from any manufacturer), by purchasing the Digital II module, you can also fill cartridges and small CO2 cylinders – including SodaStream, Grohe, and others.

The module is equipped with stepless filling speed regulation.

The filling head is placed on a scale with an automatic switch-off. After reaching the programmed weight, the scale automatically switches off the pump.

To connect the module, no intervention in the electric system of the pump is required. It is connected with pressure hoses included in the module equipment and a 230V socket.

Weight 44.00 kg