Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 5

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    Product Description

    The CFA 5 Carbon Dioxide Filling Unit works with high processing reliability, as the CO2 is only transferred in the liquid phase.

    Short setup times and fast power strokes guarantee rational and cost-effective operation.

    The CFA 5 is a carbon dioxide filling unit with a pump stand, a control panel on a stand and electronic floor scales. It may only be used on tank systems with frozen carbon dioxide (15-20 bar).

    The carbon dioxide is permanently in motion while the unit is in operation: it is removed from a low pressure tank in liquid form and from the pump stand it is either pumped back into the tank or into the CO2 bottle to be filled on the floor scales.

    The pump stand is connected to the CO2 storage tank directly. The control panel is connected to the pump stand with a supply line.

    The CO2 bottle to be filled is placed on the scales and connected to the filling line of the control stand via the filling valve.

    The filling weight is programmed into the digital scales and the scales are balanced at the press of a button.

    After opening all the CO2 supply lines the filling process is started on the control panel. When the filling weight is reached the filling process is terminated automatically.

    When the valve on the filled CO2 bottle has been closed the filling valve is disengaged and unscrewed.

    Available with 1 or 2 filling connections.

    Output options: 5 kg/min, 8 kg/min or 15 kg/mic

    Weight 179.00 kg


    pressure relief valve (bar)


    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    weight (kg)

    control panel weight (kg)

    output (kg/min)