PSM Jumbo

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    Product Description

    The PSM JUMBO is the most powerful powder suction machine based on the conventional suction principle.

    With its 2 high-performance motors it achieves a suction capacity of 2265 liters per minute. A special sound absorber on the two electric motors ensures low operating noises.

    For smaller suction capacities the machine can also be operate with only one motor.

    The JUMBO powder suction machine can be used for servicing and refilling fire extinguishing containers with quantities of fire extinguishing powder up to 1000 kg and can still be operated by only one person. It is suitable for stationary and mobile use.

    The infinitely variable, gas pressure spring-supported height adjustment and the seal with the conical rubber filling nozzle ensure that all the fire extinguisher models on the market from 6 – 12 kg can be handled without converting the machine.

    The machine has a storage tank with a capacity of 12 kg. Portable fire extinguishers from 50 to 1000 kg can also be serviced with the appropriate accessories.

    The removable filter head fits on a 50 kg additional storage tank or 250 kg barrel, available as accessories. An adapter for portable fire extinguishers and three high-grade steel suction pipes (25Ø x 800 mm, 32Ø x 700 mm and 32Ø x 1150 mm) are supplied with the product.

    Weight 210.00 kg

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