Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 1

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    Product Description

    All types of internal CO2 cartridges, external CO2 bottles and CO2 fire extinguishers up to 6 kg can be filled using the CFA 1 Carbon Dioxide Filling Unit with integrated digital scales.

    As it is possible to reduce the filling output with a special device installed as a standard feature, small cartridges can also be filled exactly with the correct weight.

    For supply purposes the unit can be connected to CO2 bottles with

    an ascending pipe or to CO2 medium pressure tanks (approx. 50 bar). The unit inlet contains a special steel filter and protects the pump from impurities from the CO2 storage bottles or the CO2 tank.

    Using the CFA 1 Filling Unit internal CO2 cartridges are filled with the F1 universal filling head, external CO2 bottles with the F2 filling head (accessory) or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers from 2 to 6 kg with the F3 filling head (accessory).

    Fixing of the CO2 cartridge is dealt with quickly by means of the lockable rough adjustment and the fine adjustment via a threaded spindle with a turning handle.

    With the CFA 1 the filling weight is programmed into the digital scales and the scales are balanced at the touch of a button. With this weighting technique the filling process is exact. The container is filled with the reciprocating pump by opening a ball valve and pressing the electric push button.

    When the filling weight is achieved the filling process is switched off automatically. The valve of the filled container and the ball valve must be closed. The filing head is disengaged with the second ball valve. The filled container can be removed.

    During the working cycle the pressure in the CO2 storage container or tank can be checked using a manometer and the pressure in the filling line using a second manometer.

    Weight80.00 kg



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