Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 1

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    Product Description

    The CFA1D carbon dioxide filling station is a stationary device designed for filling cartridges and cylinders with carbon dioxide.

    The CFA 1 carbon dioxide filling station is an economical and effective way of filling:

    • Soda-type cartridges for carbonated drink dispensers (also with threadless valves),
    • Other CO2 cartridges, e.g. for fire extinguishers or smoke hoods.
    • With optional accessories, it is also possible to fill small cylinders weighing from 300 g to 6 kg.

    The carbon dioxide is drawn in liquid form from cylinders or bundles and is then transferred to the cartridge or cylinder being filled.


    • Precise, safe and economical filling of small and medium CO2 cartridges and cylinders.
    • Built-in electronic scale with automatic switch-off.

    The device is supplied with a hose for connecting the supply cylinder. The filling process is supervised by a weight controller, which switches off the filling station after reaching the programmed filling weight.

    Electronic floor scale:

    With the additional floor scale, it is possible to fill cylinders with a capacity of up to 6 kg of CO2.

    The floor scale consists of the following elements:

    • Powder-coated frame with mounting for the weighing platform,
    • Weighing platform with a weighing range of up to 30 kg, along with a cylinder holder,
    • Filling head with a pressure hose.

    The platform scale is electrically and hydraulically connected to the CFA 1 filling station, where the entire filling process is controlled by a weight controller located on the device panel.

    Estimated capacity: 60 soda-type cartridges per hoour

    Weight 80.00 kg



    depth (mm)

    weight (kg)

    width (mm)

    pressure relief valve (bar)

    output (kg/min)