MFS mobile fire extinguisher servicing unit

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    Product Description

    Fire extinguisher servicing in a van.

    All in one

    The Mobile Fire Extinguishing Servicing unit MFS combines all of the machines and devices required for the inspection and maintenance of portable powder fi re extinguishers in one compact rear module for commercially available vans.

      • Basic module with Euro pallet dimensions,
      • for loading and unloading by forklift
      • Drawers with divider set, range of hooksand plastic boxes, for tools and spare parts
      • Turnable clamping device DSV (extendible).
      • Powder suction machine PSM JUNIOR N (extendible, with lowerable set-up table)
      • Fire extinguisher emptying system FES
      • Nitrogen fi lling machine
      • Special compressor (20 bar)

    Optional additional components enable the necessary check weighing, nitrogen supply, and the inspection of mobile fi re extinguishers up to 50 kg. Additional functions (e.g. inspection of fi re extinguisher hoses) can be realised upon request.

    Weight 180.00 kg


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