PSM Economic 230V

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    Product Description

    An outstanding feature of the PSM ECONOMIC is its high performance despite its small construction, owing to the higher capacity of the set of filter cartridges.

    It is particularly economical and can be used on both a mobile and stationary basis.

    The ECONOMIC powder suction machine is suitable for servicing and refilling fire extinguishers from 2 to 12 kg (with appropriate accessories also for portable fire extinguishers from 50 to 250 kg) with all brands of fire extinguishing powder.

    For cleaning filters and filling fire extinguishers faster the reverse mode is effected electrically and automatically controls the non-return valve in the suction line.

    The infinitely variable, gas pressure spring-supported height adjustment and the seal with the conical rubber filling nozzle guarantee that all types of fire extinguishers on the market can be handled without converting the machine.

    The product is supplied with a high-grade steel pipe with 25Ø x 800 mm and one with 32Ø x 700 mm. The machine has a storage tank with a capacity of 12 kg fire extinguishing powder. If several fire extinguishers of the same type have to be serviced, two fire extinguishers can be dealt with simultaneously.

    While one fire extinguishing container is being emptied with the suction pipe, a second can be filled with the purified fire extinguishing powder under the storage tank at the same time.

    Weight 60.00 kg


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