NEW! HTG 500 Soda

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    Product Description

    This device is on sotock – availability: 2-3 days

    Using the HTG SODA testing device, pressure tests can be conducted on SODA-type saturator cylinders up to 500 bar.

    The system ensures the highest level of safety as water does not rapidly increase its volume during significant pressure fluctuations.

    Additional protection is provided by a high-strength polycarbonate cover.

    The device can be expanded with additional testing stations, allowing time-saving when conducting multiple tests.

    Safe and efficient

    With the HTG SODA device, a pressure test can be performed on up to 9 cylinders simultaneously at a pressure of up to 500 bar.

    • Safe pressure testing of metal pressure vessels
    • Simultaneous pressure test of several cylinders
    • Cylinder fixation, water filling, and pressure testing in a short time

    Before the first pressure test, the device’s tank must be filled with water, for example, from the water supply network.

    Then, the cylinders are screwed into adapters in the device. The pressure in the system is raised to the required value, with a high-pressure pump powered by compressed air responsible for increasing the pressure.

    The test pressure can be continuously adjusted using a knob on the control panel.

    The pressure is read on the control pressure gauge.

    After the pressure test is completed, the water from the cylinders can be pumped into the device’s tank and used for subsequent tests.