Testing and swivelling device for big cylinders PSG

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    The testing and swivelling device for big cylinders PSG supports hydrostatic pressure tests with a maximum test pressure of 500 bar for big compressed gas steel bottles of up to 50 litres. Ergonomic support of big cylinders during pressure tests.

      • Hydrotesting of differently sized steel bottles
      • Rapid automatic emptying of cylinders
      • Visual inspection of the interior
      • Attaching the inspection stamp

    The device has been designed as a supplement to the HTG 500 or HTG Combination 500 / 60 (see pages 2 – 7).
    For customers who only test big cylinders it can also be delivered with its own booster pump. The system’s clamping devices are adjustable in height and diameter, thus allowing the testing of 3 cylinders with different diameters and lengths at the same time with equal pressure.

    The near to ground cylinder retainer and included loading cart significantly reduces the employees’ physical strain. The device consists of a robust galvanized steel structure with powerful rotary actuator via electric motor and roller chain.

    The tested cylinders are very easily emptied by turning them by 180 degrees in both directions. The used water can be collected and used again with the help of the optionally available collecting tank. The pressure hoses and lines for pressure testing are permanently installed to the machine and revolve around it by 360 degrees. After testing, the PSG can also be used in conjunction with the testing systems of other manufacturers.

    Weight 520.00 kg

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