Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Soda 2P

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    Product Description

    CFA Soda 2P is a CO2 filling machine for batch filling of carbonation cartridges of different manufacturers.
    The unit is designed to fill and refill carbonation cartridges with almost all valve systems available on the market.
    Accordingly, the 2 special filling heads of high-grade steel with a reliable sealing system provide safety.

    Strengths at a glance:

    • variable, as cartridges from almost all suppliers can be filled
    • high-performance, as high quantities can be achieved through batch filling
    • cost-effective due to the use of proven series components

    The cartridges are filled in batches by the two pneumatically operated filling heads.
    Cartridges with poppet valve are prefilled in parallel while the other cartridge is completely filled.

    The filling process is switched over automatically as soon as filling is completed on the other filling head.
    The filling machine is designed for operation with a medium pressure tank as a circulation system.

    Weight 185.00 kg


    Moc silnika

    1,5 KW

    Wymagana moc

    CO2, regulacja od 1 do 5 kg/min

    Ciśnienie robocze

    max. 130 bar

    height (mm)


    width (mm)


    depth (mm)