Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Soda 1

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    Product Description

    The carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Soda 1 is an economically effective way of filling:

    • cartridges for carbonated beverage dispensers,
    • turning valve cylinders with a filling weight of 300 grams to 5 kg using the optionally available floor scales,

    The carbon dioxide is taken in liquid form from a tank or storage bottle with riser pipe and pumped into a cylinder to be filled.

    Strengths at a glance:

    • precise, safe and low-cost filling small and medium-sized co2 cylinder,
    • digital scales with electrical deactivation upon reaching the filling weight,

    The system includes a rubber-covered supply hose for connecting the system to a storage bottle. The filling process
    is automatically controlled by the scale’s electronic deactivation device.

    Digital floor scales:
    For an additional charge, the optionally available Digital floor scales Art. No. 186158 feature a small portable weighing device for use in conjunction with carbon dioxide filling units that have a connection for a second scale.

    The floor scales consist of the assemblies:

    • base plate for platform support made of steel (painted),
    • platform floor scales 30 kg,
    • cylinder holder,
    • filling connection with connecting hose,

    It is electrically and hydraulically connected to the carbon dioxide pump, where the filling process is controlled by the floor scales.

    Weight80.00 kg

    Brandschutztechnik Muller

    Moc silnika

    230 V, 50 Hz, 0,75 kW, 1440 min -1

    Wymagana moc

    2,0 kg/min

    Ciśnienie robocze

    130 bar

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    width (mm)




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