Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Soda 1

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    Product Description

    The CFA Soda 1 carbon dioxide transfer unit is an economical and effective way to fill SODA-type cartridges for carbonated beverage dispensers.

    The CFA Soda 1 is equipped with a filling head, allowing for the filling of SODA-type cartridges with both thread and quick connector.

    Carbon dioxide is taken in liquid form from a cylinder or bundle and transferred to the filled cylinder or cartridge.


    • Precise, safe, and economical filling of small and medium CO2 cartridges and cylinders,
    • Very efficient CO2 usage (minimal losses during filling),
    • Built-in electronic scale with an automatic shutoff.
    • The device is supplied with a hose for connecting the supply cylinder.

    The filling process is monitored by a weight controller, which turns off the transfer unit after reaching the programmed filling weight.

    Approximate filling capacity of SODA cartridges: 60 pcs/hour.

    Electronic floor scale (additional equipment):

    • An additional floor scale can be purchased for the device.
    • This allows for the filling of cylinders with a capacity of up to 6 kg CO2.

    More information and a video about the CFA Soda 1 with a floor scale can be found by clicking HERE.

    Weight 80.00 kg

    Brandschutztechnik Muller

    Moc silnika

    230 V, 50 Hz, 0,75 kW, 1440 min -1

    Wymagana moc

    2,0 kg/min

    Ciśnienie robocze

    130 bar

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    width (mm)




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