Car buildings

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    Product Description

    In cooperation with a representative of the bott company, we make car buildings for extinguisher maintenance technicians. A built-up car is equipped with Brandschutztechnik Müller and COMPACT devices and production tools. The choice of tools and devices is made pursuant to a client’s needs. Besides basic tools, a car equipment can include such devices as: powder pourers, CO2 montejus, devices for pressure testing hydrant hoses, inside and outside hydrant testers, etc. A design is implemented in such a way so as on a car there is space left for extinguisher spare parts, extinguishers and other equipment needed for maintenance technicians. For the last 60 years, the bott company has been designing and manufacturing car equipment elements according to the highest technology quality requirements. Bott accomplishes it in a close cooperation with car industry and TUV. Complete modules offered by bott enable a choice of a proper equipment out of 36 model types. The modules are supplemented by individual equipment elements, thanks to which solutions are adjusted to your own vehicles and well-tailored to individual wishes and requirements. The building designs are prepared with a use of CAD program, thanks to which a customer has a chance to make changes in the equipment configuration before confirming the order.

    Weight 200.00 kg