HTG 60.

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    Product Description

    Using the HTG 60 Hydrotesting Device hand fire extinguishers can be tested with an adjustable test pressure of up to 60 bar. This system is safe to use, as the water pressure test only releases minimal volume for pressure relief in the case of a rupture. The system can be extended with an additional test stand, so that a considerable amount of time can be saved by using the equipment in tandem. In the HTG 60Hydrotesting Device 5 powder, water or foam fire extinguishers can be tested simultaneously with a test pressure of up to 60bar. The compressed gas containers are secured in the quick-change clamping devices.

    Weight 165.00 kg

    pressure relief valve (bar)

    output (l/min)
    pressure (bar)

    pressure reducer (bar)

    required compressed air

    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    height (mm)

    weight (kg)