Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 5 1W, 2W

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    Product Description

    The CFA 5-1W Carbon Dioxide Filling Units is the more powerful version of the CFA 5, whose method of operation also applies in this case.

    Instead of the control panel you have a control stand which is equipped with even more convenient operating features.

    In addition, the pump motor has a 2-stage speed control with which the filling speed can be optimally set depending on the size of the CO2 bottles to be filled.

    The control stand is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and convenience during operation. It contains displays for weight on the scales, filling pressure, circulating initial pressure, excess pressure control and an elapsed time meter.

    3 different freely programmable cut-out weights can be called up for the scales with a selector switch.

    Available with:

      • 1 filling place (1W)
      • 2 filling places (2W)
    Weight 241.00 kg



    pressure relief valve (bar)


    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    height (mm)

    weight (kg)

    scale width (mm)

    scale depth (mm)

    scale height (mm)

    scale weight (kg)

    control panel width (mm)

    control panel depth (mm)

    control panel height (mm)

    control panel weight (kg)

    output (kg/min)