Mobile measuring device Flowmaster DIGITAL

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    Product Description

    Portable control and monitoring

    The Flowmaster is your first choice at all points of water withdrawal whenever you need to precisely the pressure and fl ow rate. Its integrated data logger stores up to 360 hours of data, and the digital indicators directly display the accurate measured values.

      • without moving parts in the measuring tube
      • extremely robust
      • with installed rechargeable battery for mobile work
      • only 13 kilos total weight

    In use
    We gave the Flowmaster a particularly rugged design for rough daily work: The stable measuring tube does without moving parts, the extremely resistant aluminium housing withstands the heftiest of loads whilst being light at the same time.
    The rechargeable battery allows the Flowmaster to work completely independently for 6 hours, and the integrated data logger with scan rates from 0.1 seconds to 1 minute automatically stores all data to memory.

    Manage and document measured values in an exemplary manner thanks to software and interface

    Use the USB cable to read out the data of the Flowmaster in next to no time. The included software will help you create descriptive graphics and reports from the numbers. When issuing, you can choose between printing out or transferring your report as bitmap fi le to Word or Excel.



    ressure gauge


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