Manual hydrant testing pump HPM

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    Hydrant testing pump HPM

    The manual hydrant testing pump HPM can measure the static and fl ow pressure of a wall hydrant’s fi re extinguishing water and determine the flow rate. In addition, wall hydrants and fi re pressure hoses can be pressure tested very simply.

      • Flow rate determination and pressure testing in one
      • Integrated water collection tank
      • Mobile and stable device

    The HPM has a 50 litre plastic water collection tank with water inlet funnel, vent openings and a ball valve at the bottom for easy draining, and is mounted to a stable mobile base.

    The hand pump and the pressure gauge are ergonomically mounted to the mobile base. The device has two fixed Storz Couplings and a fi xed D coupling with non-return valve for connection to the high pressure hose of the testing pump. The mobile base contains two C retaining washers and an aluminium storage for pressure hoses.

    Weight 28 kg

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