Hydrant testing pump HPP BASIC (30 bar)

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    Product Description

    Good and economic

    • Hydrant testing pump and hose drying device from
    • the “Basic Line” series with optimised price-performance ratio
    • Safe pressure test of wall hydrants and fire pressure hoses
    • Effective drying of fire pressure hoses
    • Mobile, easy to transport devices for “on site” test

    The hydrant testing pump HPP Basic is a compact device with continuously adjustable pressure capacity for mobile use for the pressure test of wet / dry fi re extinguishing water lines, wall hydrants and water pressure hoses. A three-plunger water pump provides the pressure which can be continuously adjusted by a pressure regulator. The adjusted pressure can be read at the glycerine-filled manometer.


    Connect the HPP Basic via the Storz coupling (C) to the water supply. After the fi re pressure hose to be tested
    has been connected to the coupling (K), it is fi lled with water by opening the fi lling ball valve (F). Next, the
    test ball valve (P) is closed to prevent pressure kickback in the fi lling line. The test pressure is then built up by
    switching on the motor at the switch (S). The turning handle (D) regulates the pressure which can be read at the
    manometer (M). After the test, the fi re pressure hose is decompressed by the release ball valve (E).

    Weight 25.00 kg


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