Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 4

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    Product Description

    The CFA 4 carbonic acid filling unit is exclusively designed for filling CO2 fire extinguishers or CO2 bottles from medium-pressure tanks with an operating pressure of approx. 50bar.

    It is a carbon dioxide filling unit with a pump stand, a control panel on a stand and electronic floor scales.

    The modular design allows the user to mount the pump stand directly on the CO2 medium-pressure tank away from the control panel and the scales.

    The control panel is connected to the pump stand via a supply line. The CO2 bottle to be filled is placed on the scales and connected to the filling line of the control panel via the filling valve.

    The CFA 4 carbon dioxide filling system can be used to fill CO2 fire extinguishers or 6 – 45 kg CO2 bottles. Due to the modular concept, customer specific solutions regarding the local conditions are possible with the CFA 4.

    Available with 1 or 2 filling connections.

    Output options: 6,5kg/min or 12,5 kg/mic

    Weight 191.00 kg



    pressure relief valve (bar)


    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    height (mm)
    weight (kg)

    scale width (mm)
    scale depth (mm)
    scale height (mm)
    scale weight (kg)
    control panel weight (kg)

    control panel width (mm)
    control panel depth (mm)
    control panel height (mm)
    output (kg/min)