Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA 3

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    Product Description

    The CFA 3 Carbon Dioxide Filling Unit is exclusively designed for filling CO2 fire extinguishers or CO2 bottles from medium-pressure tanks with an operating pressure of approx. 50 bar.

    The unit inlet contains a special steel filter and protects the pump from impurities from the CO2 medium-pressure tank.

    Digital scales with an automatic cut-out which are supplied with a bottle holder and a drop-down ramp are used with the CFA 3. The unit is connected to the CO2 container to be filled via a filling valve.

    After the filling weight has been programmed in the filling valve and the bottle valve are opened and the unit is started. CO2 fire extinguishers or CO2 bottles from 6-45 kg can be filled with the CFA 3 Carbon Dioxide Filling Unit.

    Using this unit the CO2 filling operation is very precise in terms of weight, as CO2 is only transferred during the liquid phase and an automatic cut-out is activated when the filling weight has been reached.

    Furthermore, this unit is cost-effective to operate, as there are only short setup times and fast power strokes. The unit has a low rate of wear and tear and requires little maintenance.

    Weight 160.00 kg



    pressure relief valve (bar)


    scale width (mm)

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