Sirocco smoke generator

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Product Description

Smoke generator for professional use. Most commonly used by fire services.

The smoke produced is based on vaporised, non-toxic oil, also used by the food industry.

By using a special smoke oil, which is contained in a container with compressed carbon dioxide, extremely small and light smoke particles are produced. The smoke is so light that it collects under the ceiling. This makes it possible to create a realistic effect, faithfully reflecting the development of a fire in a building.

This generator produces cold smoke with a long-lasting consistency. The smoke can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C, allowing the Scirocco range to be used by the fire service in buildings or containers used for firefighting exercises. In addition, Scirocco is equipped with an interface that allows peripheral devices to be connected.

Technica specifications Scirocco 1300 5000 Turbo 5000
Weight (kg) 13 20 28
Size (cm) 35x19x44 55x19x44 52x24x42
Smoke agent
Heating time (min) 4 4 4
Smoke generatio (m3/min) 0-290 0-290 0-290
Size of particles (mikrony) 0,2-0,3 0,2 0,2 0,2
Working time (1 pojemnik) 22 min 85 min 80 min