Powder suction machines service

Product Description

We have a well-equipped workshop, access to original spare parts (most of which are in our warehouse), and many years of experience in servicing powder transfer systems.

The longevity of our devices can be evidenced by the fact that the first powder transfer system we sold in 1993 is still working successfully. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

If your powder transfer system starts showing symptoms such as:

  • slow filling of fire extinguishers
  • leaks
  • faulty injection system
  • motor problems

…we invite you to come to us. We will help you solve this problem quickly and effectively.

If you want to fill fire extinguishers faster, you can replace the filtration head in your device with a new “RED HEAD” filter. These new filters do not require specialist servicing (you can replace them yourself) and can reduce the time to fill one fire extinguisher by up to half. You can learn more about this solution here.

Devices produced by Brandschutztechnik Muller are known for their high durability and continuous availability of spare parts. Even if your equipment is 20-30 years old, in most cases it can still be repaired and restored to full functionality.

We also buy used Brandschutztechnik Muller devices.