Igniter for fire simulator

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    Product Description

    Extremely effective and ecological gas burner used to ignite the flame in fire simulators not equipped with the ignition module.
    A light, handy device that does not need electricity or gas for work. It is powered by 227 gram gas cartridges.


      • easy and economical in use.
      • ergonomic handle for easy maneuvering of the burner
      • piezo igniter enables starting without the use of matches or a lighter
      • smoothly regulated flame
      • 1 gas cartridge included

    Technical specifications:

      • maximum power: 2.5 kW
      • length: +/- 80 cm.
      • weight: +/- 465 g (without gas cartridge)
      • average, approximate gas consumption: 180 g/h
      • approximate working time: (227g cartridge): 1h 15min
      • operating temperature: approx. 1300 ° C
    Weight 1.00 kg

    Moc maksymalna (kW)

    Długość (cm)

    Masa (g)

    Orientacyjne zużycie gazu (g/h)

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