Fire Trainer HT Economy

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    Product Description

    The main focus in the development of theHT economy was to offer a sturdy, reliable and reasonably priced fire trainer. It can be used to simulate fires of the classes A, B and C, it also fits the entire range of our fire simulation props.

    The device is characterized by its powerful flame output, easy handling and the optional use of props from other manufacturers.
    Its many application uses make the HT economy a tough, versatile und useful tool for many fire training needs, which is also well suited for beginners.


      • Sturdy metal construction with burner pan
      • Finest adjustment of the flame height by cylinder pressure
      • Works with all common extinguishing agents: water, dry powder, CO2 and training foam
      • Stainless steel body
      • Bayonet mount allows for quick placement and removal of training props
      • Lightweight and very easy to transport
      • Adapter for training props from other manufacturers separately available
      • Can be upgraded with electrical ignition
      • Quick coupling with stop valve
      • Made in Germany

    Included accessories:

      • 10 m gas hose with pressure reducer


      • Works with all common extinguishing
      • Agents, such as water, dry powder, CO2 or training foam
      • Compact and lightweight
      • Very easy to use
      • Easy cleaning
      • Adjustable flame height
      • Quick replacement of props
      • Made in Germany

    Available accessories

      • Electrical ignition
    Weight 10.00 kg

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