Acetylene Cylinder Trainer

Product Description

AISCO C² H² Gas Trainer

Realistic training scenarios involving damaged acetylene cylinders were not possible until now.

AISCO, together with professional firefighters, took on the challenge of developing a training facility aimed at preventing acetylene cylinder explosions for operational personnel, such as firefighters and managers in businesses.

The facility helps to identify damaged acetylene cylinders and provides training on proper decision-making.

The AISCO Acetylene Cylinder Trainer can vividly simulate how the temperature inside the cylinder rises, how acetylene escapes as smoke and ignites, and all of this can be done completely safely with the push of a button.

Comparison of Simulation and Reality

  1. Heating of the cylinder => chemical decomposition of C2H2 and its characteristics (heating)
  2. Release of smoke from valve => release of chemicals, visible smoke
  3. Flame emission from valve leakage => ignition of the chemical substances escaping from the valve