Product Description

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Efficiency and ergonomic handling.

The S+ version is a versatile model of the PSM Compact S, which has been expanded to be able to empty and fill even more fire extinguishers in a short time.

A special feature is the simple and quick operation of the device.

All you have to do is place the fire extinguisher in the holder, attach the adapter, and turn on the device.

The powder will be sucked out of one fire extinguisher and transferred to another automatically – without the involvement of the operator, who can attend to other tasks during this time.

Designed for all fire extinguishers sized 2-12 kg:

  • Timed automatic powder injection system
  • Electric height adjustment of the tank
  • Integrated rotating handle with fire extinguisher emptying system.

Perfect performance with minimal effort.

Thanks to new solutions, fire extinguishers can be emptied and refilled even faster. The PSM COMPACT S+ is equipped with a high-quality brushless motor, and the entire system has been properly soundproofed. The motor housing provides perfect noise protection while also serving as a convenient work surface. Flexible feet ensure that the machine operates without vibrations.

Weight 130.00 kg

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