Portable fire extinguishing equipment maintenance course

  • The portable fire extinguishing equipment maintenance course consists of 32 hours of classes taught over 4 days.
  • The course is taught by experienced instructors with years of practice.
  • The course is based on the requirements of the Polish PN-EN 3 standard.
  • It holds the accreditation of the Wielkopolska Superintendent of Education No. 0152/4/11 


The theoretical classes are held in a group of 9 persons.

In the theoretical part of the course, the participants learn about:

  • the design and functioning of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting units
  • health and safety rules during fire extinguisher service and repairs
  • standards, ordinances and regulations governing fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment
  • the principles of service and repair of fire extinguishing equipment
  • the methods of labeling fire extinguishers after service and repair
  • record keeping in a fire extinguisher repair workshop


Practical classes are held in a specially prepared workshop in groups of 3 persons.

  • Each participant will service and repair various types of fire extinguishers.
  • The participants will have at their disposal four fully-equipped maintenance stations.
  • During the practical classes, the participants will use the best tools and equipment available on the Polish market, including the equipment manufactured by the German company Brandschutztechnik.

Completion of the course:

The course ends with a practical exam. After passing the exam, the participants receive:

  • a certificate of completion of the portable fire extinguishing equipment maintenance course, which is one of the conditions for obtaining authorization from the manufacturers of fire extinguishers, 
  • handouts, 
  • instructions for the maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers, 
  • a spare parts catalog, 
  • a list of applicable regulations.