Fire prevention training with a fire simulator

There’s a fire! What to do?

A number of people in your company would not be able to efficiently and effectively use a fire extinguisher in a fire situation! Taking the right steps during a fire hazard can minimize damage to property and, above all, save lives and health.
Please, ask your employees whether they know the location of firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hydrants, blankets) in your company and whether they can use it. Most of them will have embarrassing difficulties answering this question. Experts have found that more than 80 % of all fires could have been prevented, if employees had been practically trained in fire prevention and fire extinguisher use. 

We offer professional training

For our practical training we use an evacuation tunnel and a fire simulator with a number of dummies. The participants can feel the hot flames and see how difficult it is to move around in a smoky room.

The aim of the training

The aim of the training is to acquire the knowledge and practical skills of selecting and using a proper fire extinguisher, depending on the type of combustible material, and of effectively using portable fire extinguishers.


The training lasts for about 2 hours. It consists of a theoretical part (approx. 45 minutes) and a practical part (approx. 1 hour). The training is held in groups of up to 25 persons.


The training can be held in your company, which will save you transportation costs and reduce the time of absence of your employees to a minimum. It may also be held on our premises or, for instance, during a team-building event at a location specified by you.

The training plan:

Theoretical part:

  • basic information about the process of burning
  • types of fires
  • fire hazards
  • portable extinguishing equipment
  • fire detection, alarm and fighting
  • principles of evacuation

Practical part:

  • evacuation from a smoky room: the participant enters a special tent-shaped tunnel (6-meters long); while heading towards the exit, they are supposed to locate a fire extinguisher and take it with them
  • practical use of the fire extinguisher: after leaving the tent, the participant has to put out a burning object (a trash can, monitor or burning liquid)
  • demonstration and extinguishing of a dummy electric motor
  • demonstration and extinguishing of a dummy electric switchboard
  • demonstration and extinguishing of a group B fire (flammable liquid)


  • Burning fat: a practical demonstration of what can happen when burning fat or oil is extinguished the wrong way (e.g. using water).
  • Spray can explosion: a demonstration of how dangerous pressure packages can be in a fire.
  • Steps to be taken when extinguishing vehicles.

Training equipment

Evacuation tent

We have a tent for practicing evacuation. During the training, the tent is filled with thick artificial smoke. The smoke is completely harmless to the participants (it was approved by the National Institute of Hygiene). Entering a room with limited visibility makes a huge impression on the participants and makes them aware of the conditions in which they could find themselves in case of fire.

Fire simulator

Setting fire to bathtubs with gasoline, tires or whole cars was costly, time-consuming, dangerous for the participants and harmful to the environment. We train using a professional simulator which enables us to:

  • demonstrate the different types of fires: of solids, flammable liquids, gases and fats,
  • conduct practical training on a “live” fire,
  • create real fire conditions – heat from the flames, the fire goes out if it is properly extinguished (extinguishing sensors in the fire simulator),
  • make sure that each participant gets practical fire-fighting experience,
  • protect the environment – propane is the only fuel burnt, no waste is left after the training (no burnt tires, oil, etc.),
  • we come to the training with our own fire-fighting equipment in sufficient quantity for each training participant

Advantages of our training:


  • you do not waste time transporting your employees to us, we come to you
  • the training only lasts for 2 hours
  • we train many employees over a short time


  • the training is conducted using professional equipment
  • the participants learn how to use the fire extinguisher in practice; this exercise can be repeated many times
  • the participants learn about the principles of use of different extinguishing agents: water, foam, powder, CO2
  • participation in practical exercises helps to conquer the fear of fire, which can be dangerous in case of emergency
  • rapid changes of dummies in the fire simulator make the training more interesting and varied
  • exercises in the tent teach the correct response in emergency situations when there is smoke in rooms

Environment and safety

  • propane is the only fuel burnt
  • water and carbon dioxide are used as extinguishing agents
  • no waste is left after the training (no wood, oil, gasoline, etc.)
  • the fire simulator can be switched off at any time

More than just training

Organizing a corporate event, a picnic or a team-building trip for your employees? Looking for an interesting, instructive and very spectacular attraction?

We will organize a fire-extinguishing show with real fire and smoke. Everyone will be able to try their hand at firefighting. Children too!

We provide:

  • an evacuation tunnel
  • fire extinguishing equipment for all participants
  • an interesting plan
  • impressive demonstrations
  • useful knowledge