HTG 500/60.

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    Product Description

    The HTG 500/60 Hydrotesting Device is a combination of the HTG 500 and HTG 60 devices. It is therefore a device with all-round qualities that can be used to test all compressed gas bottles with the appropriate test pressure. In the HTG 500/60 Hydrotesting Device compressed gas bottles with varying test pressure can be tested: either with up to 60 bar or with up to 500 bar – depending on the type of compressed gas bottle. A separate operating element with the relevant high pressure hose connections is built into the control stand for each pressure range. Each of the 5 work stations on the control stand includes 2 non-interchangeable high pressure hose connections for the pressure containers. The operating mode is the same as for the previously described devices HTG 500 and HTG 60.

    Weight 289.00 kg

    pressure relief valve (bar)

    output (l/min)
    pressure (bar)

    pressure reducer (bar)

    required compressed air


    width (mm)

    depth (mm)

    height (mm)

    weight (kg)

    control panel width (mm)

    control panel depth (mm)

    control panel height (mm)

    control panel weight (kg)